UKS Jastrzebie Srodborow Otwock – Otwock, POLAND – Partner Organisation

Pawel  Lyzwa –

We are association at school non – profit. Mission association is to develop and promoting tchoukball, pursuit of level sport. Building appriopriarte conditions for the proper training young people subject to rules of fair play. Education in a spirit sport competition. We want to sport as regarts competition sport succeed in a mutual cooperation and obtain acceptance in the group. We want to character not only in that day but also in the future.

Our mission is not creating an champions, masters but cooperation towards building of a harmonius society.
We are beginners that field. We’re having sporting events to the community local. We’re playing Polish Tchoukball. We are involed programms social. All the students in the school shall become spokespeople for their peers from other schools in order to share the experience gained and applied in their training and education in a European way.

By collaborating with the coordinating teachers from the groups from the partner countries, the teachers of partner school will enrich their professional knowledge so they can participate in the formation of teenagers and their future careers.Everyone will benefit from the results of the project because they offer a new perspective regarding the opportunities of school entrepreneurship in Europe, promote local values and initiate a European dialogue regarding the active citizenship and the national and European qualities.