Second LTT 4 – 8 November 2019 Lisboa/ PORTUGAL

The KA2 project “ALLready” coordinated by Bursa Provincial National Education had project’s second  training on 4th-8th of November with partners coming from Turkey, Latvia, Austria  and Poland in Lisboa, Portugal.

On the first day of the training ; we received feedback from the parents’ booklet, teacher checklist and letter introducing the student, which were prepared under the leadership of the Austrian partner PHSt University and implemented in elementary schools in the partner countries.The outputs were re-evaluated.Portuguese partner APEM conducted a workshop called Overview of Music Teaching and Practice.

In the second day of the training ; participants visited a primary school. BTSO Sait Ete Elementary School conducted a workshop called  Overview of Dance Teaching and Practice.

In the third day ;the Polish partner UKS conducted a workshop called Overview of Sports Teaching and Practice.

In the fourth day ; the participants visited another primary school.Latvian partner Ogres Sakumskola conducted a workshop called Overview of Arts Teaching and Practice.The R & D team of our institution gave information about the dissemination activities required in the project.

On the fifth day; the second transnational project meeting of the project -Latvia TPM- was planned and Lisboa training was evaluated. The certificate ceremony was completed successfully.

Participants left Lisboa training with new achievements and good memories.